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Come Back Club Watamu, situated within the Watamu village, is one of the classiest meeting points for tourists and residents in the area. In the afternoon, the location is perfect for one to enjoy delicious aperitifs accompanied with tasty finger food. After the sunset, as the evening dawns, the wooden oven pizzeria will allow you to taste some of the best pizza in Kenya, while our restaurant will treat you to an encounter between local and and italian cuisine. As the evening then slowly comes to life, all genres of music, amazing live shows and luscious cocktails will accompany you and make you experience an unforgettable night.

The Restaurant

The taste and the research of the best quality local products represent the core of our cooking. We have home made fresh pasta and bread and we serve it at the Come Back Club Watamu only fish coming from this coast. Also the meat come from the local farms, while the wine list its also international

The Pizzeria

Come Back’s pizza well known like of the best pizza in Watamu, is made every day with love by ours experienced chefs. Kenyan best flours, 60% hydratation and daily selection of best ingredients are the secret of our success

Disco & Bar

All genres of music, live shows and delicious cocktails will accompany you and make your experience an unforgettable night


Beach Road, Watamu 80202 Kenya

Phone & Email

+254 797669939

Working Hours

Mon - Sun: 06:00pm - 03:30am